9 Off-Beat Things To Do in Singapore!

From street-food to boutique shopping to culture walks, here are 9 lesser-known offbeat and fun things to do in Singapore.

5 reasons why Singapore should be on your travel bucket list

Whether you are an explorer, or someone who seeks culture and arts, or a food lover, wanting to explore different kinds of food items; from local delicacies to fancy dishes in Michelin Star Restaurants, you’ll find it all in Singapore. Here are top 5 reasons why Singapore should be on your bucket list.

Exploring Sentosa – The Disneyland of Singapore

The disneyland of Singapore features fun rides, beautiful castles and wonderful movie based themes such as Shrek, Jurassic Park and Madagascar. But that's not all, the island of Sentosa houses one of the most amazing aquariums, water sports and adventure sports such as bungee jumping and indoor skydiving.