9 Off-Beat Things To Do in Singapore!

Did you think Singapore is just a business city that is too commercial to have any fun? Here are 9 lesser-known offbeat AND fun things to do in Singapore.

10 Best Boutique Hotels in Singapore

When it comes to hotels and living options, Singapore has a plethora of it - from luxurious hotels to boutique stays and minimal staying options - you’d find it all. Which means it can be quite a task to pick a hotel in Singapore. To make it easier for you, I've listed down 10 Best Hotels in Singapore. Scroll below to read all about them

5 reasons why Singapore should be on your travel bucket list

Whether you are an explorer, or someone who seeks culture and arts, or a food lover, wanting to explore different kinds of food items - from local delicacies to fancy dishes in Michelin Star Restaurants, you’ll find it all in Singapore. Here are top 5 reasons why Singapore should be on your bucket list.