Celebrate ‘Nothingness’ with Shoonya Project!

Have you ever felt like there is a celebration hidden inside the realm of nothingness? Or do you crave the slow pace in today’s very fast-paced life? If you do, then you need to read about Shoonya Project, which is a festival that actually celebrates nothingness.

The Shilaroo Project

Most of the times when I crave a vacation, I don't just intend to get lost someplace far away from my daily life, but a place where I can get an enriching experience, a sense of purpose or simply some quiet time to meditate. Very few places provide such a perfect retreat.  But I came… Continue reading The Shilaroo Project

A destination for soulful, artistic caffeine

I'm sure most people do something unique to celebrate their anniversary. For me and my wife, both being such travel buffs its simple - exploring a unique beautiful place with an offbeat experience every year has become kind of ritual for us. For our anniversary trip two years ago my wife and me decided to… Continue reading A destination for soulful, artistic caffeine