Upcoming festivals and events in Rajasthan

Here is a list of upcoming popular events of Rajasthan happening in Jan and Feb. The festivals offer a chance to immerse yourself in art, literature and music. Get hands-on workshops with local artisans and experience soulful world music at these festivals.

Spending three days in Colombo

Historical British and Dutch colonies, Iconic buildings and beautiful Stupas, there are a lot of things to see in Colombo. Here are 10 places to visit in Colombo and my tips on how to spend 3 days in Colombo.

Unique Festivals to attend in the Himalayan mountains

These unique festivals happening in the Himalayas are not just related to music but creativity and self-exploration. Here are some details about Musicathon and Folklore festival which is India’s first high altitude zero waste musical festival.

Experiential Travel with the E-Living Project!

Founded in 2017, e-living project started with a simple objective - to find places while traveling which not only provide the amenities but also provide the homely comfort and experience. At e-living, they want to make your travel experiential, something which was beyond bed and breakfast. It was more about creating a community of travelers.

Unique Initiatives in India for Working Travellers

Initiatives such as Karyashala in Bir and WorkationX in Barot and Stay on Skill are helping digital nomads, artists and wanderers to earn a living while travelling in remote mountainous regions.