11 Artsy Cafes in India you cannot miss

The Art culture in India has come a long way, with more artists trying out new things while they step out of the box, and with art finally receiving the acknowledgement and recognition it deserves.

I’m glad to see that nowadays, Art is not merely restricted to art galleries or exhibitions but has reached a better space through Cafes that are blooming around the country, creating a common space for creators, audience and art enthusiasts to meet and interact.

If you are someone who has always wanted to visit such spaces or want to know more then here is a list of 11 Artsy Cafes in India all across the country, which you must drop by!

1. Artjuna Garden Cafe and Lifestyle Shop, Goa

Source: Artjuna Cafe

A heritage Portuguese house is where you will find this cafe and shop with a beautiful ambience and set up called the Artjuna Cafe. Every part of this huge space is inspired by the Indian tradition which can be seen in the products, fusion food and the decor of the place.

You can eat fresh food which is made from supplies from their own garden and enjoy them at their huge open cafe which offers a variety of food options like salads, sandwiches, the delightful coffee, healthy smoothies and a vegan menu.

There is also a library at Artjuna, from where you can grab a book and do some wholesome reading while you enjoy some food.

Source: Artjuna Cafe

The shop offers products from different art designers, all of which showcase the spirit of India but in a contemporary fashion, which means you will find a unique range of things here like pouches, intricate jewellery, bags, clothes and a lot more.


Artjuna is a place which you should definitely visit when in Goa to immerse yourself into a vibrant place which is well designed with a cafe, shop, library and a children’s play area. Moreover, they host various workshops at their space which you can enrol for. You can follow them on Instagram to stay updated with all such upcoming workshops.

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2. The Project Cafe, Ahmedabad

Source: The Project Cafe

Even though this one is named as a cafe, there is so much more you’re about to find out about this wonderful place. The Project Cafe, is growing inside a vibrant yellow colour building with bohemian interiors, a lot of which is based on collaborations wherein the art on the walls and the products being used and showcased are from different artists within the country and even abroad.

It is a cafe where you will find great food to serve your soul with a culinary experience.

Source: The Project Cafe



One interesting thing about this place is that it provides an experience of dining in an art gallery where everything is for sale – be it the crockery or the furniture. All the things you’ll see here are from various artists, providing them with a free space to showcase their skills, talent and work and hence creating a symbiotic atmosphere of growth. Isn’t that great?

Source: The Project Cafe

The Project Cafe also hosts a range of workshops, talks and events to provide a space for brewing new and unique ideas and concepts. You can check out the kind of events they have hosted in the past here.

3. Triveni Terrace Cafe, Delhi

Source: Triveni Terrace Cafe

Be ready to travel back in time when you step into Triveni Terrace Cafe, which will win your heart with its old-world charm and a simple vibe. It is a part of Triveni Kala Sangam which houses various art galleries and offers different classes in dance, music and art. You can read about their classes in detail here.

The cafe is popular for its feel, decor and home-cooked food. This is where you will find intellectuals, art enthusiasts and students immersed in conversations while they sip their chai.

Evenings are the best time to visit this place as you can wait at their amphitheatre, enjoy the meals and the overall positive setting and ambience of the place.

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4. Kashi Art Cafe, Kochi

Source: Kashi Art Cafe

Attached to Kashi Art Gallery and located in the popular Fort Kochi, Kashi Art Cafe is every artists’ delight where they can enjoy their meals in a unique and contemporary set up while they also get a glimpse of the artwork around. The place is usually occupied by art enthusiasts and invites a different set of people due to its set up and popular cakes and masala chai.

Source: Kashi Art Cafe

They also host different events and workshops at the Cafe, which makes it even more interesting.

You can follow their Facebook page here to stay updated with all the events or art exhibits.

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5. Kunzum Travel Cafe, Delhi

Source: Kunzum

If you would meet a travel enthusiast in Delhi, they would mention Kunzum Travel Cafe which evolved as one of the initial spaces for travellers to meet, exchange stories and build a nurturing community.

They now also host a number of events and workshops where you could hear stories of other travellers, ask questions and get inspired to travel if you’ve been meaning to do that for a while.

It is located in the very popular Hauz Khas village, with a simple and elegant setup and travel information all around in the form of books, travelogues etc.

One very unique thing about this space is that you’re not obligated to buy anything, just go there, meet some travellers over a cup of coffee, and even for that coffee pay anything you’d like.

So, if you’ve been looking for a real-time travel community to be a part of, make sure you drop by at Kunzum Travel Cafe.

You can read all about their past events and other interesting things related to travel on their website here.

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6. Pagdandi Cafe, Pune

Source: Pagdandi Cafe

Pagdandi is a conceptual book store plus cafe which offers so much under one roof – from a bookstore where you will find books on different subjects by independent publishers, a cafe where you can enjoy some wholesome meals and art exhibits on the walls for budding artists to showcase their work to a range of events and workshops like Art and Crafts, Slam Poetry, Book Readings, Focus group discussions, theatre etc.


Source: Pagdandi Cafe

You can read all about their past and upcoming events on their Facebook Page.

7. Pepper House, Kochi

Source: The Pepper House

When in Kochi, you cannot miss out on the very beautiful and intriguing – Pepper House which is an Art Space, Design Shop, Cafe and a Library – all brewing at a common set up.

Housed in a beautiful white heritage building, you can read in the library which has a really interesting collection of books on art and other subjects, nibble on some great food at their cafe with a garden on the side and shop some sustainable items and zines at their creative design shop.

They also host a number of interesting events at their space and you can know more about them on their facebook page here.

Source: The Pepper House

Moreover, if you’re an artist, they offer art residencies to budding artists for them to grow, learn and expand.

Make sure you visit this space filled with art and culture when you are in Kochi.

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8. Sienna Cafe, Kolkata

Source: Sienna Store and Cafe


Sienna Cafe was born to preserve the natural art forms and to provide a platform for the local artisans to grow and nurture. Located in Calcutta, Sienna is a beautiful space with contemporary interiors and styling where you can enjoy some great meals, especially their specialised cakes.

Source: Sienna Store and Cafe

While you do so, you can also look around and shop different products like ceramics, bedsheets, jewellery, books, fusion wear and accessories, all of which are sourced from local artisans, providing a bridge for the local artisans, products and art techniques to reach the urban market.

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9. Dyu Art Cafe, Bangalore

Source: Dyu Art Cafe

A restaurant, coffee shop and gallery, Dyu Art Cafe is where you need to be to keep your art instincts active. A minimal yet vibrant space with books for you to read, this is where coffee meets creativity.

Source: Dyu Art Cafe

A heritage white house on the outside, it has an intriguing sitting set up on the inside, allowing you to enjoy Bangalore’s weather while you nibble on some great food and coffee.

They exhibit different pieces of art and host a number of workshops and events in their space which you can enjoy here.

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10. Prithvi Cafe, Mumbai

Source: Prithvi Theatre

If you want to witness what the city of dreams is made up of, then visit this pretty cafe with yellow lights and bamboo trees just outside the very popular Prithvi Theatre.

A place loved by the Mumbaikars since the 1970s which initially was a place for the theatre artists, nowadays this is where you will see a lot of art being brewed through the chatter and the hustle bustle that takes place inside this entire setting.

Prithvi Cafe also serves some lip-smacking food. When here, make sure you try their Paranthas, desserts, the popular cutting chai and Irish Coffee!

This is the perfect place to be to enjoy some food, while you immerse yourself into the Bombay life at this cafe.

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11. Saraya Cafe, Goa

Source: Saraya

Saraya is an ecologically sustainable place which is reflected through all their spaces – be it the cafe, art gallery or the eco stay.

At the cafe, they promote a sustainable lifestyle through their food which is made up of organic ingredients grown in their very own garden.

Anything that you’d order here is prepared from scratch, which is why it usually takes 20-30 minutes to prepare your food. Isn’t that great, waiting for some fresh and wholesome meals?

When here, try their homemade sauces, wood-fired pizzas and dessert strudel. You can also enjoy some thirst-quenching drinks from their menu like coffee, different teas etc.

In case you have any specific dietary requirements, you can let them know and they would customise your meal accordingly.

Source: Saraya

While your food is being prepared, you can check out their art gallery where a lot of art pieces are for sale. You can also inquire about different events or courses that are lined up here, all of which promote a sustainable way of living, in one way or another.

Moreover, the entire space has been designed by traditional ways using bamboo and other recycled materials, with thoughtful lighting set up to ensure a positive ambience for anyone who drops by.

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Hope these awesome cafes give you more reasons to travel to these places! Happy travelling. If you enjoyed reading this post, subscribe with your email below to receive more such stories.

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