Unique Festivals to attend in the Himalayan mountains

We all love going to the mountains, don’t we? We love mountains for what they have to offer in terms of the beauty of its nature, the calm and quiet, the adventures which serve our souls, and a lot more. But did you know that there are some great festivals which take place in these mountains that you could be a part of?

If you didn’t, then scroll below to read all about some of the great initiatives which take place in the hills and make sure you do not miss out on them the next time they are happening.

All of these festivals are based on very different and unique concepts, some are simple festivals which would make you feel refreshed and good, and the others would help you to understand yourself better and leave you with a drive to do something.

At the end of the day, what matters is that each of the festivals listed below aim to serve a basic purpose – the purpose of fulfilment in their very own way, where they help you connect with yourself in ways that you cannot even comprehend.

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1. Folklore Music Festival

Source: Folklore Music Festival

India’s high altitude zero waste musical festival, which was held independently in March in Chail, is nothing less of an initiative which should get all your attention.

The Folklore Music Festival brewed on the idea of promoting local artists from the mountains – artists who were maybe not as popular but were brimming with the talent which was true and raw.

They also ensured that the festival took a sustainable route all along. For the same, an in-house initiative called ‘Bite the Waste’ was also supported by the organisers and the artists of the festival, to make it a zero-waste festival.

Apart from the raw musical performances, the festival also had other quirky and thoughtful elements which caught our attention, like the facility to be a camper during the festival, carpool and shuttle services, and subsidised pricing for students.

Surely the next edition is going to be even more beautiful with some great music and thoughtful elements. You can follow them on Facebook and Instagram to know when the next edition will be held.

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2. Musicathon

Source: Musafir Cafe

If you’ve been to Bir Billing, you must have heard of Musafir – A Traveller’s cafe – a very pretty and homely space nestled in the mountains. About two months ago, Musafir Cafe came up with a soothing concept which blended Music and Mountains together to create what they called – Musicathon.

And it is exactly what it states – a marathon of music. Over the course of two days, Musicathon showcased many musical performances, dance and other creative workshops and open mic sessions.

The first edition was a beautiful success, which left everyone awe-struck, and the second edition Musicathon 2.0 happened on June 8 and 9 in Bir Billing.

Their lineup was extremely exciting and diverse ranging from experimental & covers, Himachali and originals to Sufi music and more. Apart from these performances, there were some crazy experiential activities like the drum circle and poetry. You can check out their entire line up here.

If you are planning on attending Musicathon 3.0, you can reach out to them on their Facebook here to inquire about the passes.

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3. FofX: Festival for Creators

A very unique take on creativity, F of X, as set by its name is a festival of so much which cannot be put in a single box. A 4-day festival with around 150 participants, 30 guides/speakers, it is for the curious seekers and the creators who are looking for something to serve their soul.

It is for those who are always on the look for inspiration. In diverse ways, the F of X festival creates a space where a creator can get inspired through speakers from different domains, experiential activities, sessions and workshops, and connect with other like-minded seekers.

F of X festival is a space for creators to get inspired and dwell within their creative self to explore it and create.

During the festival, you get to learn from the stories and experiences of the speakers, and through sessions and activities which are curated for the participants. F of X covers four spaces or elements when it comes to igniting inspiration for its participants: Heart, Mind, Soul and Body – which when working together in perfect sync, allows a person to lead a creative life.

Source: F of X festival

The very first edition of this festival took place in Jim Corbett from 21-24 February. The edition was sold out and received an overwhelming response of over 1000 applications.

The next edition is scheduled to take place in 2020. If you think you want to apply, here are some quick details for you:

– You need to apply to be a part of the F of X festival by filling out a form and on the basis of the same, you will be informed if you have been shortlisted to receive an invite or not.
Here is the link to the form for their upcoming edition.
– If you receive an invite, then you need to pay a fee to be a part of the festival.
The fees for the past edition was 27,000 INR for a person. The fee includes your transportation, food, stay and full access to the festival – speaker sessions, workshops, activities and networking.

If you want to know about the speaker line up of the last edition, you can read all about them here. The location for the upcoming edition has not been announced yet, and you can follow F of X on Instagram to get future updates.

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4. Fuel Human Festival:

Source: The FUEL Human Festival

The Fuel Human Festival is a festival conceptualised by The Project Fuel which started with an idea of passing on life lessons of people from around the globe and turn it into interactive activities, for the purpose of passing on the learnings from these life lessons. Based on the same concept, The Fuel Human Festival came into being which is the world’s first-ever festival curated to exchange and share human wisdom.

Source: The FUEL Human Festival

A 4-day long festival, it uses various forms like storytelling, self-exploration and sharing of personal stories to allow you to enter and explore your own self on a deeper level.

The first-ever edition of the festival just took place in the mountains of Dehradun from 30th May to 2nd June, which witnessed over a hundred participants exchanging their journeys on a common path of self-exploration.

To become a participant, you need to apply by filling a form and if shortlisted, a participation fee is involved. The charge for this edition was 19,990 INR for non-students and 14,990 for Students.

We’ve seen their after-pictures and short snippets of what happened at the festival and looks like it ended on a beautiful note with overwhelming emotions.

To know more about what all was planned during the festival, you can read the detailed agenda here.

Even though nothing has yet been disclosed about the next edition, we can only wait to see what the upcoming edition would offer.

Keep a close eye on their Instagram to stay updated about the next edition.

So, the next time you are planning on visiting the mountains, keep these festivals in mind and be a part of them for an experience which could change you, and your life.

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Happy Travelling!

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