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I have been away for a while now and this is the longest break I had in blogging since I started this blog. As you already can guess I was on my Diwali vacations break. I managed to sneak away to Pondicherry for a brief vacation. More about it in another blog. But right now, I want to get back to talking about the wonderful (and rare) experiential travels.

Nowadays, there are a lot of hostels and hotels all across the country for solo travelers and backpackers. Some of them are based on franchises and others are created by people individually, for the love and passion they hold for traveling.

One such venture, which started solely for the love of traveling is the Experiential Living Project, also called the e-living project, which is nestled in the mountains, in Himachal Pradesh. It started with one property in a not so popular town in Himachal, and now at present, they have four different properties, all of which are based on some kind of concept, which is both unique and beautiful.

Founded in 2017, e-living project started with a simple objective – to find places while traveling which not only provide the amenities but also provide the homely comfort and experience. At e-living, they want to make your travel experiential, something which was beyond bed and breakfast. It was more about creating a community of travelers.

Read below to know everything about their different properties.

1. Mudhouse Experiential Hostels – Jibhi, Tirthan Valley

Image Source: Experiential Living Project

The very first property which the e-living project came up with, was Mudhouse Hostels, which is located in a very pristine and less touristy town in Himachal, called Jibhi. It’s not just for namesake, their property is actually a mudhouse, where you could live in a very beautiful mud house, giving you a raw experience.

The location of their property is great, with a water stream flowing right next to it, and the waterfall which is just a walking distance from here. It is a quiet location, so at night you can witness the most beautiful night sky and hear the water stream. The nights here usually end with bonfires, where you could meet and interact with other travelers.

They have an in-house cafe where you can enjoy meals, while you read a book, or just enjoy the mountains. Moreover, they also have a concept of community kitchen, where you could cook a meal with or for fellow travelers, a perfect way to connect with people.

Image Source: Experiential Living Project

Whether you’re a solo traveler looking for shared accommodation, or a group of friends, looking for a space to make the most of your time, they got you covered. You can either stay in their six-bed dorms, private rooms, or a duplex which can accommodate 4 people.

Image Source: Experiential Living Project

To inquire about the prices or make reservations, you can reach out to them on Instagram or Call/Whatsapp them on 09459895806. Their dorms sell out pretty quickly, so we suggest you book well in advance.

In order to reach Jibhi via road, you can take a bus from Delhi to Aut. From Aut you can either take a cab or local buses to reach Jibhi. The local buses are very cheap, and a different experience altogether, so try taking the local bus if you are traveling on a budget. You need to take two local buses to reach Jibhi. The first one from Aut till Banjar, and then from Banjar to Jibhi.

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2. Karyashaala, Bir Billing

Image Source: Experiential Living Project

One of the recent properties by e-living project is Karyashaala, which is a co-living and co-working space for those who have always wanted to live and work in the mountains.

As they say, Karyashaala is for the new-age traveler, who wants to work from any part of the world, with a flexible yet a proper workspace. Karyashaala is a home for all such travelers, where they can work with all amenities, and also enjoy whenever he or she’d like, creating a perfect integration between work and life, through a community of working travelers.

Image Source: Experiential Living Project

It is a perfect place for freelancers, artists, anyone who has been thinking of working from the mountains. So, if you want to explore how working and living in the mountains would feel like, Karyashaala is your place to be.

You do not have to worry about amenities here, as they have a full backup with an Internet connection of 20MBPS speed, along with a dedicated coworking space for you to work without any hassles.

Image Source: Experiential Living Project

For living options, you can choose between dorms and private rooms. They provide daily, weekly as well as monthly plans.

They are offering discounted plans for the month of August. The dorm would cost you 599 INR per night, and the workspace access is not included in this and would cost you an additional 399 INR.

You can opt for their weekly and monthly plans if you’re looking at free access to their co-working space along with co-living.

Image Source: Experiential Living Project

For dorms, it would cost you 2499 INR for a week, and 7999 INR for a month. For a private room, it would cost you 9999 INR for a week, and 31,999 INR for a month.

It is also a perfect place for you to not only meet fellow travelers and exchange travel stories but also in a way interact and network with other working professionals, which in a way creates a common place where you can connect with others and maybe even collaborate.

To reach here, you can take a direct bus from Delhi to Bir, which runs frequently every day. You can also take a flight to Dharamsala, and then take a bus or a cab to reach Bir. Their property is located close to the bus stand, and you can easily walk from there.

If you have more queries, or for more details, you can reach out to them on Instagram.

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3. Rihaaishh, Sojha

Image Source: Experiential Living Project

Another interesting concept, Rihaaishh is a cluster of independent homes by the e-living project, a quaint place for those who have always wanted to have a home in the hills.

One such house is situated in Sojha, which is situated 8 kms away from Jalori Pass, which is close to Jibhi. Another one is in Seri, which is located just 4 kms away from their Sojha house.

Their Sojha house is located in a quiet location, on the top of the hill, with breathtaking views of the mountains. It is the perfect place for you to just be, and unwind, or even live or work. It is your home in the mountains.

Image Source: Experiential Living Project

The Sojha property is beautiful, a rustic hold house, what a mountain home should be like. It’s a two-bedroom house and can accommodate up to six people. You can stay here with a group of friends, or be here for a family vacation. You can live here, cook your own meals and have a perfect time.

Image Source: Experiential Living Project

They have a self-check-in, no-host policy here, so once you’re all settled, you can get yourself the supplies, if you are planning on being here for a long time.

For these independent homes, they offer rentals on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. They charge 3999 INR per night, 14999 INR for a week and 39999 INR for the entire month. You can reach out to them on Instagram or Call/Whatsapp them on 6230095806 to inquire about bookings.

To reach Sojha or Seri, you need to first get to Aut and then take a cab from there.

What makes E-living unique?

Travel and Community is a crucial part of the e-living project. The same can be seen not only through their unique concepts and beautiful properties but also the kind of events they host at their properties.

They have hosted different events and initiatives in the past which showcases how much traveling and the love for it, is at the essence of everything they do. At Mudhouse Hostels, they hosted Alternate Living Project, wherein some travelers from across the country learned and explored an alternate way of living, where they built a mud house, cooked their own meals, with barely any network. This was based on the concept of exploring an alternate way of life, a way which was much simpler. They also hosted Shoonya Project, at Mudhouse hostels, which is a festival celebrating nothingness.

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Recently, they came up with another beautiful concept as a part of their Gratitude Month, where they decided to give parents a free stay at Karyashaala. It is for those who love the mountains and have always wanted to let their parents see what is it that they love about the mountains so much.

They’ve also hosted many other events in the past like the Mystical Mudhouse Mountain Mic for the poets, Writing fellowships and Artists Gatherings. You can read all about their events in detail here.

Isn’t all this beautiful? Well, if you agree, then make sure you check out the e-living project the next time you’re traveling in those places where you’ll find their properties.

They are also coming up with their own travel magazine soon, where they will share stories on anything that is about traveling. You can follow the e-living project on Instagram to stay updated on all new things that they are up to and other such initiatives that they will host in the future.

Happy Travelling!

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