5 reasons why Singapore should be on your travel bucket list

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Located in SouthEast Asia, Singapore is an island nation that beholds so much for all kinds of travellers. Whether you are an explorer, looking for what all you can do in the country, or someone who seeks culture and arts, or a food lover, wanting to explore different kinds of food items – from local delicacies to fancy dishes in Michelin Star Restaurants, you’ll find it all in Singapore.


From skyscrapers, unique restaurants, a thing for culture and art to a connection with nature, Singapore will not disappoint you. If you are still planning your travel list for the coming months, or do not have Singapore in that list, then you might reconsider after reading this article since I’ve listed down 5 amazing reasons for why Singapore should be on your Travel Bucket list!

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1. Cultural Diversity at its best!

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One of the very interesting things about Singapore is the diversity you’ll find in the country – with people from different ethnicities, religions, and cultures, all living amicably. This blend of different cultures also makes Singapore colourful, like a Kaleidoscope with different places of worship – mosques, churches, temples, adjacent to each other.


Many cultural walks take place in Singapore for you to delve into the diverse cultural realm of the place – allowing you to experience different cultures, offering you a very unique experience. Moreover, Singapore has four official languages – Tamil, Mandarin, English, and Malay!

Also, it is not everywhere that you find a place which is inclusive to all its culture, in a way that not only all are respected for their beliefs, way of life and celebrations, but also where you’ll find such places, walks, and celebrations being held simultaneously. One such example is the Waterloo Street, where four places of worship of Buddhists, Jews, Christians, and Hindus, co-exists harmoniously, and share a 550 meters long ship.

This shows how welcoming a place like Singapore is, so, if you are into exploring the culture of a place, in its uniqueness as well as diversity, then you should definitely add Singapore to your Travel list as it is here that you can enjoy cuisines and delicacies of all cultures, celebrate the festivities of all, among many other things.

2. A Paradise for Food Lovers

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From Michelin Star restaurants to a long list of local dishes and beautiful restaurants – Singapore is a paradise for food lovers. Here is what all is in store for you in Singapore if you are a food lover, or a connoisseur, or a baker:

– Endless food options: With the cultural diversity of Singapore also comes the many delicacies from all cultures – some in its authentic form, and then some with a local twist! There are literally endless options when it comes to eating in Singapore. From cafes, fancy restaurants, to late-night eats, and food stalls – Singapore will not disappoint!

Michelin Star Dishes: Even though Singapore is the world’s most expensive city, but well, if you are a food lover, this is also where you will find the cheapest Michelin Star dishes! When we hear Michelin star dishes, we usually expect extravagant dishes at expensive restaurants. Well, that is not always true. In Singapore – there are many Michelin star dishes that you can get in Singapore for under 5 dollars. Which is why, Singapore is the perfect place for food lovers – where you can indulge in Michelin star dishes irrespective of your budget! Some of the popular dishes are – Allauddin’s Briyani, Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodle, and Odette – A French Restaurant among many other Michelin star restaurants and stalls.

– Hawker Centres: Singapore is not just about fancy restaurants, but also the very popular hawker centres. Hawker centres which are open-air food court like structures, which is also the perfect way to start your food endeavour in Singapore – as this is where you’d find many different stalls offering different dishes, at cheap prices. It is also a local way to delve into food, and you’d see that for yourself where you would find many locals enjoying meals at low prices!

Some of the food hawker markets in Singapore are Chinatown Complex Food Centre, the very popular Lau Pa Sat and Amoy Street Food Centre among many others!

At these Hawker centres, you also get to try the local drinks, rather than the regular cocktails, as many versions of kopi – which is an alternative to coffee, a drink called Micheal Jackson, and Teh Tarik, which is a very popular breakfast beverage!

Also, in Singapore, there are many food walks and tours that take place after dark – offering all the foodie travellers, a very off-beat experience!

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3. Satiate your Shopping Desires

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If you are a Shopaholic, Singapore is your place to be, for this is where you’d find it all – from electronics and clothes to small souvenir items – there are many malls and markets which are perfect for all your shopping desires!

In Singapore, you could either delve into a luxurious shopping experience in the many malls where you could get the most extravagant items or explore the many shopping streets in the country.

Here are some of the best places for shopping in Singapore – Orchard Road, Chinatown, Marina Bay, Haji Lane, and IMM Mall.

4. So much for those who love Arts and Culture

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One lesser-known thing about Singapore is its emerging arts culture, which can be seen through the many elements in Singapore – from the many galleries to the Artsy Streets and Cafes.

From local artists to international ones, the Art scene in Singapore is brewing prominently. Below are a few places which make Singapore a great destination for all the art lovers:

Museums and Galleries: There are many museums and galleries in Singapore – some of which showcase the history and heritage of the country, and some which are for appreciating the art, and then some which will bring back lots of memories. At a lot of galleries, you can also get yourself some artistic souvenirs to take back home from their adjacent stores.

If you are an appreciator of art, then you must visit Singapore to explore its burgeoning art culture. Some of the popular galleries and museums in Singapore are – Red Dot Design Museum, National Gallery Singapore, ArtScience Museum, MINT Museum of Toys, and Asian Civilisations Museum, among many others.

– Art Jamming Studios: In Singapore, you’d also find many Art Jamming studios where you can actually create art! These studios are for those who are either looking to meet more people, create some art, as well as for groups as it can be a great activity to enjoy your time in Singapore.

There are different pricing charges, which would vary depending upon your needs, duration, and studio selection. Most of the times, there is also an art guide who is there to help you out if needed and the supplies, space, are all included in the price.

So, if you are an artist who is looking forward to not only appreciate but also create some art during your time in Singapore – then here are some of the studios you should look out for – Boulevart, Arteastiq, Liberty Art Jam at Artify Studio and My Art Space. You also get to take your own creating back with you, which means your very own self – created a souvenir from your trip!

– Art Streets: Even though vandalism of public property is a punishable offence is Singapore, you will find many walls filled with artworks, mainly because many property owners have now opened their empty walls for artists to splash it with bright colours and create art.

From pop characters, paintings of children, to colourful graffiti and history of Chinatown through painted murals – you’d find all kinds of artwork on the streets of Singapore.

If you want to walk around these Art Streets – to see, explore or take those Insta Worthy pictures, then here are some streets you should definitely visit: Chinatown Complex, Haji Lane, Victoria Street, and 222 Queen Street.

– Artsy Cafes: Another way to indirectly delve into art is by visiting cafes which appreciate the same – with art pieces in the surroundings, and enjoying your time at the pretty cafes. Singapore is filled with many such cafes, which is for those who love quirky art settings in the places they eat. Two such cafes plus art spaces which you could visit are CAD (Coffee Art Design) Café and Artistry.

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5. Nightlife and Adrenaline

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For those who like their share of thrills while travelling, Singapore will not disappoint you. You can delve into many adrenaline activities – from nature walks, cable cars to exploration and nightlife. This is what Singapore has in store for you when it comes to serving that restless soul:

– The many Bars and its Nightlife: The nightlife of Singapore needs your due attention, for it is something you cannot afford to miss. As the sun goes down, the many skyscrapers in Singapore are well lit, and along with, its night scenes also come to life. There are many bars in Singapore, which serves the best of cocktails, host parties, live music gigs, and quirky themes.

Three of the bars from Singapore also made it to Asia’s Top 50 Bars list, So clearly, the nightlife scene in Singapore will not let you have a dull moment, no matter what. Some of the bars known for its night scene are Manhattan Bar, Operation Dagger, and Jigger & Pony.

– Delve into these activities: If you are someone who is always on the lookout to do different activities, to keep that adrenaline moving, then there are many such activities you can sign up for when in Singapore – you could visit an island (not the touristy Sentosa Island), cycling around the island, go for birdwatching, delve into kayaking and scuba diving for the rush, among many others.

Now that you’d know, Singapore has a lot to offer, whether you are a foodie, a nature lover and explorer, an art enthusiast or a shopaholic, which is why you must put it in your Travel list, to get a travelling experience which will be filled with so much, all in one place!

Happy Travelling!

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