Unique Initiatives in India for Working Travellers

India is filled with avid travellers, and with the presence of social media, these days individuals are stepping out of their comfort zones to explore their passion for travelling. There are different kinds of travellers – some who take a break from their jobs and go for a getaway to explore a location. On the other hand, there are those for whom travelling is a way of life – where both travelling and working go hand in hand.

These people are also popularly known as digital nomads – people who are seen working remotely and it could be anyone – an artist, a freelance writer or a social media marketer among others.

With an increase in more young people opting for remote roles while they travel, there also exist some initiatives which cater to their needs.

If you’re someone who is a digital nomad or someone who is thinking of making that change, then here are some cool initiatives in India for the working travellers:

1. Karyashala – Bir, Himachal Pradesh

Source: Experiential Living Project

A very recent property under the E-Living Project, Karyashala is a co-working and co-living space for all those who want to be in the mountains while they are working.

The property features dormitories, private rooms, and a dedicated workspace, a perfect place to enjoy the beautiful views with a creative space for you to share the work vibe and connect with other travellers and working professionals.


Source: Experiential Living Project

They offer home-cooked meals, a great wifi connection, and beautiful rustic rooms and dorms, making it a well equipped co-working space in the mountains.

Another interesting thing about the property is when they were building the space, they called for artists and designers who helped them design and build the space, which showcases the collaborative essence of this place.


Source: Experiential Living Project

They offer daily, weekly and monthly plans and you can either just access the co-working space or also choose to live from the space as well. They also intend to make it a connected space for artists, freelancers, and other remote professionals, by hosting several events, workshops, and sessions in the coming future.

You can reach out to them on Facebook or Instagram for reservations or other queries.

2. WorkationX – Barot, Himachal Pradesh

Source: Workation X

A coworking space in a remote location amidst the mountains? Well, yes you read it right! WorkationX is a co-working and co-living space amidst the Himalayas which is perfect for the digital nomads, freelancers, and independent thinkers and creators. It aims to provide a space for working travellers who want to work out of the mountains while they also assimilate a sustainable way of life.

They offer home-cooked meals which are prepared using organic supplies, fast wifi and a perfect space for you to work out of.

At WorkationX, you can either choose to stay in a private room, a twin room or a four in one dorm. They offer flexible plans depending upon the number of nights you are staying here for. You can have a look at their prices here. The meals are not inclusive in the plans and would cost you 110 INR per meal per person.

Moreover, when at WorkationX, you can get a blend of work and play, and indulge in various activities around the space like Paragliding, Mountain Biking, Fishing and Snowboarding to serve your adrenaline rush.

They also offer various sessions for the working professionals where they call experts from different domains to impart their skills to those working out from WorkationX.


Source: Workation X

They are situated in the Kangra region in Himachal Pradesh and you can reach here via Bir, from where you can take a taxi till Badagram. You can know more about WorkationX by going through the detailed FAQ’s on their website and follow them on Instagram to stay updated on their events and workshops.

3. Stay on Skill – All over India

Source: Stay On Skill

Stay on Skill is the perfect platform where people with relevant skills meet those who are seeking for those skills. So, if you’re someone who possesses certain skills, then you must reach out to Stay on Skill as they help you travel around the country for free in exchange for your skills!

All you have to do is impart your skills to your host, and all your travel costs are covered by them. They consider a diverse set of skills like Writing, Blogging, Digital Marketing, Painting, Dancing, Yoga Training among many others. If you possess any of these skills, you can join Stay on Skill’s team as a skilled traveller and they will take care of the rest.

How this works is that Stay on Skill has tied up with various hostels and homestays across the country where they send SOS (Stay on Skill) travellers who then teach their skills to the guests in the hostels, or just the host and get free accommodation. It is beneficial for the hosts as well, especially in the case of hostels because every hostel is incorporating experiential activities these days and through Stay on Skill, they get skilled travellers who then facilitate a learning session with their guests.

They also run two very interesting initiatives – India Tour and Skill India Campaign.
India Tour is where they select certain travellers with different skills who then get sponsored travel around the country, with free accommodation and breakfast. All you need to do is list down your skills and select three destinations, and then Stay on Skill finds you the relevant homestays in those locations. The applications for 2020 are not open yet but you can read all about their India Tour 2019 here.

Skill India Campaign, is another unique concept by Stay on Skill wherein anyone willing to host a skilled traveller gets an hour of free training each day. So, if you’re someone who has been wanting to learn dance or painting for a long time, and has a place where you could host your skilled traveller, then you can host Stay on Skill Travelers and learn the relevant skills in exchange.

In case you want to be a part of the Stay on Skill tribe, you can begin by sharing your relevant skills with them here. They also keep on posting some interesting opportunities on their Instagram and Facebook page so you can follow them to stay updated with all such great travelling opportunities.

4. The Other Space – Mcleodganj, Himachal Pradesh

Source: The Other Space

Mcleodganj is a popular tourist location known for its Tibetan culture and colourful cafes and if you’ve been to Mcleodganj, you must know about the very popular Illiterati Cafe for the mountain views you get to witness, its food and the books.

Recently, Illiterati came up with its co-working space – called The Other Space, which is next to Illiterati, and offers the same breathtaking views of the Dhauladhars. It is a cafe, co-work, art space and gallery where you can work and nibble on some snacks while you enjoy your coffee. The place offers limited food options unlike Illiterati cafe and for now, they haven’t released a price for working out of the space. So you can walk in, order a coffee and sit for however long you wish while you finish your work.

Source: The Other Space

However, they do have a dedicated work area, called the ‘silent zone’ within the space even now which costs you 100 INR as an entry fee. It is for those who are looking for quiet and seclusion while finishing their work. You could either take an individual day pass and enjoy free wifi. You could also book the entire silent zone if you want to book it for a meeting or host a session with a small group.

The place is simple, beautiful with some art on display as you enter. They also plan on hosting a lot of events and workshops there for working professionals. You can follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay updated on all such events.

5. Trawork

Source: Trawork

Trawork is one of a kind concept wherein they organize off-beat and experiential trips for those who want to travel while they work. It is a ‘Work away from Work’ initiative where you could travel with them with specially curated itineraries and also get to work from remote locations in different parts of the world.

Trawork is creating a community where your work meets travel. People at Trawork take care of arranging your travel and also have an itinerary in mind along with space and time specially preserved as the working hours – a time for you to focus and work while you travel. The working hours are then followed by different activities catering to your travel seeking soul – events, meetups, cafe or bar hopping or just exploring the place. The activities in the itinerary are not mandatory of course and you can be as flexible you’d like.

If you’re an independent worker, it could be a good space for you to meet other working professionals and synergize with them, and who knows, you might start working together!

To make your experience memorable, they have a selection process for anyone who wants to join their trip to ensure that only like-minded people come together.

You can read about their upcoming trips here. For more information, you can also visit the FAQ’s section on their website.

6. Alt Life, Dharamkot and Manali

Alt Life is a chain of hostels with a co-working space that believes that travelling is a way of life and aims to provide the best of travel environment and living space to those who believe the same.

Source: Alt Life Hostels

At Alt Life, you can expect the best of travelling and working atmosphere. When working, you can be in your room, or in the cafe which is functional 24×7 with a dedicated working space, multiple plugs, great wifi and a good cup of coffee to ensure you get the best of the setting while working.

Later, if you’re in the mood to go around and explore, you could go for different activities around the region, or just sit back and enjoy bonfire nights at the hostel.

Source: Alt Life Hostels

They have beautiful rooms and dorms, a well-equipped cafe and functional working space.

Presently, they are in Dharamkot and Manali and at each of these locations, Alt life is situated far away from the touristy crowd, making it a perfect place to relax, unwind and focus. Alt life is the perfect place to be if you’re looking at a perfect blend of work and leisure.

You can book from their website directly and can follow them on Instagram and Facebook for more information.

7. Ghoomakad, Dharamshala

Source: Ghoomakad

Not a typical co-working space, Ghoomakad is a collaborative space for wanderers and working professionals, a place where you could meet, connect and interact with like-minded individuals while you stay here and also give back to the local community.

Ghoomakad is a place where you will get to experience the local life by staying in their rustic property with rooms and cottages made up of mud, giving you a minimal and raw space to live in. They also believe in organic eating and that is why all the produce used in their kitchen is produced by them on their farm.


Source: Ghoomakad

It is located in a village called Rakkar in Kangra district, which is not far away from Mcleodganj. Ghoomakad allows you to work out of a calm surrounding with beautiful views and a simple living atmosphere. So, you can enjoy the peace and calm at Ghoomakad and in case you’re looking for a change, you can always travel to Mcleodganj for breakfast or an evening dinner.

The space at Ghoomakad has a Rasoi, which is a multi-cuisine restaurant and they also have a concept of Ghoomakad Community Kitchen wherein the guests can cook for other guests when staying here.

They have also hosted various events and workshops in the past like a digital media workshop, an artists’ meetup, and film screenings among others – making it a perfect space to network with other working professionals. You can have a look at their past events here.

You can reach out to them here to know more about their charges and other information.

Happy Travelling!

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