A memorable stay of ferns and creeks

I realize that I haven’t blogged about any hotel reviews yet. Although I’ve enjoyed my stay in a lot of places, there always seem to be a lot of other things to write about. But after recently penning down my adventures of the last trip to Kodaikanal, I couldn’t hold myself back from writing about this particular place. So here you go –

As I mentioned in the last blog post, I booked the Fern Creek hotel during the last holiday not because it had great reviews but because it had the last room remaining in entire Kodaikanal during the holiday! So for the lack of time, I skipped my usual due diligence process.

It was probably the first time that I didn’t spend a week reading about the hotel reviews, going through the photographs and comparing it with a dozen other hotels. I was really praying to God that this doesn’t turn into a blunder. And guess what? I got super-lucky! It turned out to be quite a memorable stay!


The hotel had 7-8 individual Swiss tents for rooms spread out across the wide enough property. The hotel itself is a bit farther than the city centre and is surrounded by enough woods and greenery. Giving you the feeling of living in an isolated jungle!

Our room cum tent at the far end of the property. Yup! right in the middle of the jungle.
Pathway to our tent
Our room – inside view

The whole property had an insane amount of birds and plant species. Each day I spotted dozens of new species of birds which I hadn’t seen before. Listening to them sing every day was beyond comforting.

We sat there in the gardens for hours reading books or just staring at the trees. Somehow it felt like the best use of our time instead of rushing to some tourist spots. The hotel guys found that strange. It wasn’t common for them to see the guests arrive at the hotel and spend their days just sitting in the gardens.

Who needs to go out when your stay offers you this view?

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Sitting in the gardens staring at the trees and listening to the birds seemed like the best use of my time.
Just walking towards the room felt like wading through wonderland 🙂
Happiness is – Morning Coffee in the woods
And while I wrote down some new travel ideas …
My better half was busy finding her inner beyonce 😀

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Happiness overloaded is – A super delicious spread of breakfast each morning!!
And more delicious-ness at lunch …
When it started raining, the kind chefs indulged us with some hot onion pakoras, even though it wasn’t even on the menu !!

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I declare this spot – World’s best corner off (ice). And now you know why the name “Fern” Creek.
Obligatory selfie with the two awesome chefs! Ever grateful for their warmest hospitality.

If you’re planning to visit Kodaikanal anytime soon, I highly recommend a stay at this wonderful Fern creek hotel. Their food is one of the most delicious and their hospitality unmatched. So do give it a try at least once. You can book your stay here. And if you do happen to stay there, do let me know your experience.

Happy Travelling!

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