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Have you ever felt like there is a celebration hidden inside the realm of nothingness? Or do you crave the slow pace in today’s very fast-paced life? If you do, then you need to read about Shoonya Project, which is a festival that actually celebrates nothingness. In this article, we have listed down all the things you need to know about the Shoonya Project:

What is Shoonya?

Shoonya is a festive journey that explores one’s self and inner contentment. The festival in the past has been celebrated in Jibhi for two days, and it entails curated experiences, workshops, and activities which are stapled around the various elements of nature, like a water stream, the rocks, and forests in the hills. Shoonya is something that promises to fill the void between you and your daily chaos, amidst nature, in the picturesque mountains.

The Shoonya Project is for those who want to find themselves in their pure ‘Shoonya’. What you can expect at the festival is meeting new people, and sharing of journeys, happiness, and beliefs over the course of three days of the festival.

Previous Edition of Shoonya in Jibhi

Image Source: Shoonya

The last edition of the Shoonya Project took place in Jibhi in June. It was a three-day festival, with like-minded souls from different parts of the country where different kinds of workshops were planned and curated, from your day beginning with yoga, to immersing yourself into mandala art, greeting circles and more such activities and workshops.

The venue for the same was Mudhouse Experiential Hostels, in Jibhi, which served as a perfect location for the festival, with pristine views and sound of the stream around.

Collaborate with Shoonya

The essence of Shoonya can also be seen in how open the doors to the festival are. At Shoonya, collaborations are sought and believed in. Whether you are an artist or someone who wants to learn and help in the creation of the festival, you can always reach out to them. Here are the different ways you can collaborate and connect with the Shoonya Project:

Volunteer: You can volunteer with the Shoonya Project and work with the team, and in exchange, you will get free access to the festival and its activities, along with a certificate of experience. If you want to volunteer for more than a day, then you would have to pay for your stay at the hostel, or you could also take your tents along, pitch them and sleep under the stars!

Art Installations: If you are someone who has an art installation idea or an existing art installation of yours which you think would be perfect for something like the festival of nothingness, then you can reach out to them with a brief and some pictures or sketches and let them know of what you have in mind.
Just make sure that the environment and sustainability have a role to play in your artwork since it is something that the Shoonya Project believes in.

Artists: The entire journey of the festival revolves around art, in different forms, and Shoonya is a community event, which revolves around the exchange of art, ideas and so much more. So whether you are a performer, an artist in whichever way, a poet, someone who likes to tell stories, a yoga practitioner, or something else and you want to conduct a workshop, an activity or share your art in the event, you can write to their team at reboot@projectshoonya.com.

Accommodation and Passes

For tickets, you can either just take the festive pass, which would include all the activities, and workshops curated for you, but would not include the stay. Alternatively, you can also get yourself a pass which includes both – your stay as well as the access to the festival.
For the last edition, these were the different kinds of passes available:

Festival Pass: The cost of the festival pass was 3999 INR per person and included access to the entire festival – the different activities and workshops.

Mudhouse Dorm and Room Pass: The cost for the dorm pass was one 6499 INR per person, which included two nights accommodations in mudhouse experiential hostels’ dorm and the festival pass. For the room, the price was 16999 INR for two people which again included the accommodation and access to the festival.

Apart from these, they also had Quechua Camp Pass and Jibhi Alpine Camp Pass for 5499 INR and 6999 INR which included shared accommodation on twin/triple sharing basis along with the pass to the festival.

There are so many ways you can be a part of Shoonya, either as someone who wants to just attend and immerse into what the festival entails or even join hands with shoonya and be a part of the festival by either volunteering or showcasing your art as mentioned above.

Shoonya is an experience in itself, something that will add simplicity and beautiful elements in your life, through the people you would meet, the workshops you’d delve into and through all that you would witness and experience, you would hopefully know yourself and your needs more, beginning from an eternal zero, and seeking everything through that ‘shoonya’.

Their next edition will take place soon and you can follow them on Instagram and Facebook to stay posted about their next edition, and other details. If you are intrigued and still have more questions about the festival, then you can reach out to them on reboot@projectshoonya.com.


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