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Disclaimer: I’m not associated with NotOnMap in any way and I will not benefit if you make a booking with them through this blog. I’ve written about them only because I think they’re doing something unique.

Travelling has seen a transitional shift in the past few years where it has now gained more attention and acceptance. Nowadays, everyone is seen travelling to either their favourite locations or to explore the untouched, hidden getaways on long weekends for a tryst with their own selves or others to dwell into something new, to seek the unknown.

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Travelling is an experience, we all know it – either because of our direct experiences or through our friend’s stories. Even though it is great to see so many people travel around, but travelling also has an impact on the untouched beauty of those lands as well as on the lives of the locals. We usually travel for our own, without even realising the negative impact it sometimes leaves on the locals of that place. Which is why, it is only fair that the locals benefit from such influx of travellers, through tourism and similar work which would allow them to thrive.

I’ve listed down one such initiative here in great detail – NotOnMap, an idea which is unique, thoughtful and giving to back those who deserve it by bridging the gap between avid travellers and the local communities.

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Find the unknown with NotOnMap

Nestled in the far fetched villages across the country is NotOnMap which is a social initiative where they allow the travellers to live with the locals, in the most minimal and experiential way possible, exposing them to an alternate way of living – in the most local way possible where they can emerge themselves into the local culture, way of life and hence making them look at travelling in a different light altogether.

Their objective is twofold – one, to give back to the locals by making them a part of the travel economy by removing any mediators and two, generating alternative means of livelihood and hence minimising unskilled migration.

It is a beautiful initiative because if you try and understand migration and its causes, it is not really by choice, but by a force need to make ends meet where the locals from villages have to travel to big cities and work as labourers without an organised payroll.

Moreover, an initiative like NotOnMap is preserving the true essence of our country’s culture – diverse norms, food practices, way of life, cultural celebrations and so much more which somehow is now disappearing with the thriving hotel industry and the commercial idea behind travelling.

Live Like a Local

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There is something about living like a local which fulfils every traveller’s curiosity where we want to know the whereabouts of not only a place but also its people – on what they do, why they do it and how they do it. And what better than getting a first hand experience of the same, where you stay in houses as old as 100 years providing you with a rare, rustic and timeless experience, immerse yourself into the local culture, where you eat with them, stroll around the hidden routes and celebrate the local traditions with them, serving your culture seeking soul.

NotOnMap literally makes you live like local, without any sugar coating for an immersive experience which no hotel could give you, where you could interact and live with the locals, making you more sensitive to the things around you and also the people you live with. It also without a doubt allows you to be more self-aware and think about your life, the way you live it especially when you experience a minimal and sustaining lifestyle.

Where to find NotOnMap

NotOnMap presently offers local stays in 9 main destinations – Himachal Pradesh, Ladakh, Rajasthan, Kerala, Goa, Assam, West Bengal, Karnataka and Maharashtra. They offer multiple property options for each of these destinations. With each property information, they provide you with the information of its whereabouts, things to do and pricing. Once you book, you will have someone from the team of NotOnMap find you at the nearest spot, who would then ensure that you stay is uncompromised and beautiful.

More than just accommodation

Source: NotOnMap

If travelling is not on the cards right now, then another way you could promote an initiative like NotOnMap is by following their work and spreading the word about them in today’s much virtual time. Apart from travel getaways, these are the other things on their blog that you can check out:

  1. Travel Blogs and more: From things to do in far off towns, to knowing about the cultural festivals and traditions, popular travel and treks; and more, you can read their travel blogs which offers you an immersive, well detailed knowledge of what happens in the far of lands, which are not touched by travellers and even if they are, how to see things like a local beyond the touristy checklist.
  2. Explore Travel: If you’re someone who thrives on a travel curiosity, with questions and wanderings brimming your soul, then NotOnMap offers tips and tricks on travelling. You can find this on their blog here which showcases a lot of information on travelling – from the basic ones which applies to every traveller like budget travelling, tips for solo travellers etc. and to those as well which are based on specific interests of travellers, be it hiking, wildlife, romantic getaways and more.
  3. Travel Motivation: Want to travel but do not know where, or stuck with the idea of creating an itinerary? Well, if this is you, then check out the segment of Travel Motivation on NotOnMap’s blog here and let them do the work for you. They have curated an extensive segment for those seeking travel motivation – looking for the perfect weekend getaways, tips for travellers and hidden do’s in the most far fetched places.
  4. Travel Vlogs: By now, you know how rich is the work done by NotOnMap – something that people need to know and be reminded of – the basic living, the rich culture of our nation, the unknown stories. So, if you’re into storytelling then make sure you check out their travel videos and vlogs which would virtually teleport you into a dreamland.

Take the first step

If you would love to explore NotOnMap but have your apprehensions, then you can also begin by being a part of their group getaways, where you will not be alone in the journey of exploring something new. You can also book these getaways in a group with your friends and loved ones. Presently, they are offering three such getaways – Explore Ladakh, Himachal Escapade and Unknown Nagaland, each of which has a set of specific getaways within them catering to different interests for you to choose from.

To know more

Did I leave you curious enough to know more? If yes, then you can reach out to NotOnMap to book a getaway, or ask more questions. Also, did I mention that even their team works out from a culturally rich village in the majestic mountains? Below are the details for you to contact NotOnMap:

Where: Chaminoo, Barour, Chamba, Himachal Pradesh- 176314
Contact: +91-9873146404 , +91-9601901267

You can also subscribe to their newsletter, or follow them on social media to stay updated about their new properties, getaways or blog listicles.

So, the next time you’re off for a travelling expedition, be it one for wanderings or for adventures, do give a try to NotOnMap.

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