Things they won’t tell you!

I think this title would be a more apt name for this blog. If you haven’t yet guessed what the blog is about, I’ll give you a hint – its something to do with my vacations. So what inspires an uninspiring guy like me who barely travels to write a travel blog? Unlike the dozen or so folks in my friend list (don’t know how they got there) who seem to be travelling and uploading pictures as a full-time job, I happen to have an actual day job. Or rather, a desk job. I am not the backpacker, solo-traveller type. No sir. I don’t live the”digital-nomad” life. Unlucky me!

Yet I cherish the teeny-tiny vacations I manage to take during the year. Don’t you just love vacations? You bet I do. For most people, it probably starts with some cruel-hearted friend uploading his travel pictures on Instagram. After a long hard day at work, while casually browsing your feed, you happen to see them. Your heart suddenly feels a lot heavier, your breathing becomes faster, you start to have a mini anxiety attack. You feel the void in your life widen and engulf you. You feel sorry for your cubicle-stuck life making you almost cry out in anger. More directed at your friend than the vacations you’re missing. You know this is exactly why that &#@* of a friend uploaded those pictures – to make you feel miserable and now he’s secretly giggling at you. Sadist!



After pleading to your boss multiple times and reminding him of how you’ve slogged over the past few months, you finally get just enough leaves to plan a mini-vacation. Then comes the part which I’ve come to dread the most – Planning my vacation!

Pretty photos on Instagram? Check.
Youtube video reviews? Check.
Travel blogs? Check.
And finally, don’t you dare to miss this, else he’ll haunt you for rest of your life.


“Kya aapne kabhi online hotel search kiya hai?” 


Wait. He’ll haunt you anyway once you’ve watched the ad.

Well, in spite of all the drowning information on the planet internet, I’ve managed to seriously goof up my plans on countless occasions, gotten fleeced by people, stayed at really wrong places or a wrong city altogether! All this, after careful planning for weeks, rummaging through thousands of online reviews and travel tips. After every vacation blooper, I wished someone had told me about it earlier.

Somehow every travel blog I read only has nice things to say about a place or the people  – ’10 things to do in X’ and ‘5 best places to eat in Y’. Pretty pictures and perfect vacations everywhere. Where are the ugly parts? Where are the  ’10 things not do in X’ list?

Finally, after my last trip, I thought, I have enough blunders to my credit to start a blog about it myself. And so, that’s what this blog is about. Some embarrassing stories.  Might come in handy for you for your next trip. Or might just help you waste 30 minutes of your life on a Sunday afternoon when you’ve absolutely nothing better to read 😛

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