Upcoming festivals and events in Rajasthan

Here is a list of upcoming popular events of Rajasthan happening in Jan and Feb. The festivals offer a chance to immerse yourself in art, literature and music. Get hands-on workshops with local artisans and experience soulful world music at these festivals.

Spending three days in Colombo

Historical British and Dutch colonies, Iconic buildings and beautiful Stupas, there are a lot of things to see in Colombo. Here are 10 places to visit in Colombo and my tips on how to spend 3 days in Colombo.

Unique Festivals to attend in the Himalayan mountains

These unique festivals happening in the Himalayas are not just related to music but creativity and self-exploration. Here are some details about Musicathon and Folklore festival which is India’s first high altitude zero waste musical festival.

9 Off-Beat Things To Do in Singapore!

From street-food to boutique shopping to culture walks, here are 9 lesser-known offbeat and fun things to do in Singapore.

Experiential Travel with the E-Living Project!

Founded in 2017, e-living project started with a simple objective - to find places while traveling which not only provide the amenities but also provide the homely comfort and experience. At e-living, they want to make your travel experiential, something which was beyond bed and breakfast. It was more about creating a community of travelers.

5 reasons why Singapore should be on your travel bucket list

Whether you are an explorer, or someone who seeks culture and arts, or a food lover, wanting to explore different kinds of food items; from local delicacies to fancy dishes in Michelin Star Restaurants, you’ll find it all in Singapore. Here are top 5 reasons why Singapore should be on your bucket list.